• To satisfy the customer through timely and continuous delivery of valuable services and products.


  • To become the leading company focusing on the development of web applications in banking and insurance business


Our style celebrates a consistent set of values that serve both human and commercial needs.

  • Candor & Communication.
    Lack of candor obstructs the flow of clever ideas and fast action. In essence, candor attracts more people into conversation. Many more ideas come into existence, which are ready to be discussed, disassembled, and improved. In this way, open communication and learning are promoted.
  • Courage.
    Management has the courage to plan and guide adaptively and to trust individuals and the team. The team has the courage to take responsibility for self-direction and self-management. Everybody has the courage to embrace change.
  • Simplicity.
    First and foremost, we avoid using speculative design for possible change ("future proofing"). Simplicity is often much more difficult to achieve than an unreasonably complex solution. The term is widely misunderstood (in programming as well as in life itself). It does not refer to something simplistic, amateurish, or insufficient.
  • Feedback.
    Feedback information is fully available. We strive for quick feedback from our customers in order to make constant adjustments in a highly collaborative environment.

Company Facts

Ocpea d.o.o

Podreber 48

1355 Polhov Gradec


Bank account: IBAN SI56 0510 0801 2527 736

Tax No.: SI71645128

Company No.: 3273725000

Registered at District Court in Ljubljana, entry number: 2008/10246

Nominal capital: 7,500.00 EUR

Short Company Info

Ocpea d.o.o.

Podreber 48

Polhov Gradec 1355



Phone: +386 40 333 800